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I LOVE Pets.

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Net Pet Talk

What is Net Pet Talk .com?

Let's talk. That's what Net Pet Talk is all about. Whether the topic is Dogs, Cats, Fish, Birds, Snakes, Lizards or anything that you call a pet. We strive to be a fun place to talk openly without being overly moderated.

We all love them. They are one of our family.
We would do anything for them.
Net Pet Talk is a place to show off our pets. Tell fnny stories about them. Talk about behavior issues. Talk about odd habits.
Do you talk to your pet? I know both my wife and I do.
How about funny things they do that make you laugh out loud? Lets share the funny stories and give us all a smile.
Are you looking for a new companion? We can talk about that, about good places and reputalbe breeders.
Is your pet going to have babies? Need advice, or please share your experience.
Do you have farm animals? We have room for them too. All the critters as Eli May would say.
And we have room for animals in the wild. We love nature pictures with animals in their natural habitat.
Plus we have an area for awesome pictures of all types. Some beautiful eye candy there. Please post your awesome pictures.

Come inside and take a look around. If you like what you see, become a member. Membership is FREE and offers many advantages including the New Posts button that allows members to easily navigate through all of the most recent posts and stay current with all that goes on in the Net Pet Talk universe.

I do hope you will sign up and join the discussion. Joining is FREE.

Enjoy, and post OFTEN,
(Doc on the Forums)

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THANKS to all the Mods for the time they put in helping to make NPT a fun place to hang out.

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